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New Year Resolution of Self Caring

For our first blog, being this time of the year, I thought it was fitting to talk about new year resolutions.

Every year by about December, we often speak about goals and wishes for the new year. Things like how much weight do we want to loose, what kind of promotion we are aiming for at work, even finding the love of our lives, are some common themes. Of course, we want to do better in life right? Yes, of course, but on who's standards?

Our new year resolutions are products of our society, what we want in life are products of our society, unless we choose to make a conscious decision against it. Before the day I took my first step as a child, my family had already long decided what I wanted next year, and the year after. I wanted to do good in school; go to a good university; get a good job, then a better job; buy a home and get married, maybe not in that exact order, but then I would want to buy a bigger home and have children.

Our brains have been programmed this way for many years, sounds tiring, doesn't it? This is why we give up the gym by mid January; loosing that 10lbs for next year, is not your equation for happiness. What do we do then? The good news, you have the power to reprogram your thinking. Next year, you can consciously choose self caring.

Because we have been programmed this way since birth, the task of reprogramming will not be easy. How then? Try committing to one self caring resolution throughout the year, you certainly would not want to overwhelm yourself and create more anxiety for your busy life.

I started with meditation for 10 minutes, twice a week before going to bed. It was low in investment, I simply googled meditation for sleep and played a video on YouTube. I found my sleeping quality to be much better, comparing to the days I did not meditation, so naturally I began to meditate everyday for 10 minutes.

Here are some self caring items you could try for the new year, you can set a comfortable interval for yourself, make sure to start slow, so it doesn't feel like a task, but something you look forward to:

1. Meditation for 10 minutes before sleep

2. Take a Yoga class

3. Put a day aside for Spa and Massage

4. Walk 15 minutes during lunch and LEAVE your phone in your desk draw

5. Move your phone charger to the living room wall socket (This has proven to be a difficult one for me! I am at once a week on Saturday nights)

6. Put time aside to meet a friend for tea or coffee

Happy New Year!

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